Son writes sick mom message in hospital rooftop snow; 14-year-old touches mother, hospital


ABC7 Chicago reports that Will Hart never guessed his message in the snow would cheer up an entire hospital.

He painted his words of encouragement in the snow on the rooftop of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago: "Hi Mom, God Bless U!"

Sharon Hart was diagnosed with leukemia last week. The 48-year-old mother's 11th floor room overlooks the parking garage.

"We drove up there," Will Hart told ABC7. "We were going to see the city. I just kind of thought, 'You know, it would be great to have my mom see this message.' And so I started from there, and my dad was like, 'What are you doing?' And he joined in. I said, 'I'm saying hi to mom,' and we went on from there."

With their feet, Will and his dad carved out a "HI MOM" with a smiley face in the unplowed roof of the parking garage. Will called his mom from the roof and told her to look out the window.

Late at night, they finished the rooftop message with a "God bless you" for all the patients who could see it from their rooms.

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