Carve out time to work out before a date


"What a workout does to make you feel your best, especially when you go out on a date, is it releases endorphins. Makes you feel good. Makes you cheery. When you go on a date, you can focus and enjoy," personal trainer Dewayne Malone says.

Malone is a trainer at Against All Odds Fitness and says a combination of quick bursts of cardio and full body weight-lifting movements is key.

"Energy and libido levels are always raised high because I make sure my clients eat right. That keeps their energy levels with nutrition, and the exercises I have them do always focus on having them have a high libido," says Malone.

It doesn't take much time. A few sets of these 30-second exercises can get our blood flowing.

  • Jumping Rope
  • Plank: Get on the floor on all fours with hands directly under shoulders. Extend legs out behind you, so entire body is lifted. Tighten abs, back, glutes, and inner thighs.
  • Curtsy Lunge with a Single Arm Bent Over Row: Grab a dumbbell and put in right hand. Just like a curtsy, take right leg back behind and to the left of the left leg into a lunge. Stand back up, feet shoulder width apart, squat down, back flat, and do a row with the right arm. Repeat for 30 seconds and do on other side.
  • Tuck Jumps: While jumping, bring both knees to chest mid-air. For beginners, stand in place and alternate knee to chest.
  • Lunge to Shoulder Press: With dumbbells in hands right at the shoulders, lunge forward with one leg. When down in lunge position, raise hands into a shoulder press. Lower, and then push back. Repeat lunge on other side, alternating legs.

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