Cold winter means higher gas bills


Usage is up by 65 percent this winter, the bills up by more than 40 percent from a year ago.

Keshawn and Angel Jamison are tired of this Houston winter.

"I wake up and it's snowing and I go to bed and the sun comes out and then it's snows the next day," said Angel Jamison.

Their bank account is ready for warmer weather too.

"It's definitely costing us more, we had to get a small space heater so it won't run our bill up too much," said Jamison.

Across our area natural gas use is up by 65 percent from this time a year ago and that means your gas bill is bigger too.

"It's all about it's been colder, the temperatures are not going up during the day as much so it has been colder longer and it is translating into higher consumption so customers can stay warm," said CenterPoint spokesperson Alicia Dixon.

Dixon adds customers who normally see $55 gas bills in the winter will be opening bills closer to $80 on average.

"Since it is continuing to be cold, they should expect that the bill they get this month in February cold be as much as 40 percent higher, it's all going to vary on your home's efficiency and what you set your thermostat on," said Dixon.

There are some things you can do to control costs. Turn down the thermostat to 68 degrees, change your air filter each month to keep the furnace running at peak efficiency and sign up for average monthly billing to spread out the cost of high bills over the year. If you are having trouble paying the winter gas bill there are agencies that can help.

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