How much money are you owed? Texans have $3 billion in unclaimed money


Experts say $3 billion of it can be found right here in our home state, and that has many Texans saying, 'Show me the money!'

When it comes to finding lost money, Darleen Gleason and her husband have over 70 refunds on file with the state of Texas.

"Wow, that's a lot of change!" Gleason said.

According to, one in four Texans has unclaimed money from forgotten security deposits to uncashed checks.

Professor John Lopez with the Bauer College of Business says companies are not allowed to hold onto money and must turn it over to the state.

"Those funds remain in the coffers of the state until somebody claims them," Lopez said.

Start your search with the website, Enter your name and the results pop up instantly. There are also missing savings bonds or misplaced pensions out there. Lopez recommends a simple web search for those, but be careful.

"So if you Google a website and it comes up and they request for you to pay money, that's something you should stay away from," Lopez said.

One more resource to look into are unclaimed IRS tax refunds. But there's a catch.

"One caveat on the IRS, there's a time limit by which you have to claim those funds. And in the IRS' case, it's three years," Lopez said.

Lopez says other than the IRS, states don't have time limitations as to when you can claim your funds.

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