Woman attacked by rabid raccoon in her own bed

February 7, 2014 6:37:26 AM PST
A 73-year-old woman in Massachusetts woke up to a real-life nightmare. She was being attacked by a wild animal in her own home.

Virginia Ballou thought her cat had joined her in bed, but she wasn't so lucky. It was really a rabid raccoon on the attack, CNN reports.

She reached and tried to pry it off of her, but the adolescent female was latched onto her face with a firm grip on her mouth.

Finally, she was able to use her hands to pry its jaws open.

She tossed the raccoon onto the ground. It wasn't until that moment that she knew it was a raccoon.

CNN reports that the animal was captured and killed, and it tested positive for rabies.

Ballou needed 10 stitches on her lip and chin, and she suffered puncture wound and scratches on her fingers and neck. She will now have to go through a series of rabies shots.

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