Carl's Jr. employee in California finds more than $10,000 in fanny pack


ABC30 Action News has been unable to track down the man who lost the money, but they are told he got every dollar back.

The fanny pack, which was said to contain between $10,000 and $15,000, was accidentally left in a chair by a regular. Emplyee Kristina Packard picked it up, not knowing what was inside because she never opened it.

Instead, ABC30 reports that Packard stuffed it under a counter where no one would mess with it. The problem is that she didn't tell anyone it was there.

When the customer returned for his lost bag, no one could find it.

"They told me it was a lot of money, they called the cops, they want to press charges," store manager Alex Romero told ABC30.

But charges were never pressed. A cook soon spotted the fanny pack, tucked away beneath the register, and returned it before the panicked customer drove away.

Get more on this story, including how the store plans to keep this from happening again, from our sister station, KFSN-TV.

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