2 wrongfully convicted men released 20 years later in New York; DNA matched someone else


ABC7 New York reports they are now free after a judge overturned their convictions.

Tony Yarbough and Shariff Wilson were arrested in 1992 for the murders of a woman and two young girls in Coney Island. At the time, they were only 15 and 18 years old.

The victims were Yarbrough's mother, Annie Yarbough, his 12-year-old sister Chavonn Barnes, and her 12-year-old friend Latasha Knox. According to reports, they were found stabbed and strangled inside a Coney Island project.

DNA found under Annie Yarbrough's fingernails matched evidence found in a 1999 killing, indicating that the murderer had struck again -- after Yarbrough and Wilson were already serving time.

ABC7 reports that lawyers have argued for years that there was never any physical evidence linking the men to the killings, and the only evidence against Yarbrough was Wilson's confession. Wilson reportedly recanted that confession in 2005 and subsequently passed multiple polygraphs.

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