Thieves target pet owners walking dogs in the Heights


Pet owners in the Heights area are keeping a closer eye on their surroundings as they walk their dogs.

"Here recently, it's been really rough," said a robbery victim who didn't want to be identified.

The frightened woman says she was ambushed by two armed robbers early Thursday morning as she was out walking her dogs along the 900 block of Arlington Street.

"They pulled a knife on me, and got it really close to my face and said hand me your stuff," she said.

The woman says she saw the unidentified thieves get out of a white SUV, possibly a Mercury, as she was approaching 10th Street. She describes the crooks who chased after her, demanding her cell phone and other valuables, as being in their young 20's.

"Maybe about 5'6 to 5'7, skinny, Hispanic," she said. "One had a slight mustache, the other didn't."

Another worried neighbor believes those crooks are the same suspicious acting guys he spotted trying to break into cars on the block earlier this week.

Rick said, "They had flashlights, they were looking into cars. Seems like they got scared off, because they took off in their white SUV, and I called and reported it to the cops."

Until those thieves are caught, neighbors are urging one another to be cautious as they're out and about.

"Keep some sort of protection for yourself, because I didn't have anything for me," the robbery victim cautioned.

Investigators say the thieves they're trying to track down are working with a third guy who's acting as the getaway driver.

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