Goodwill employee returns $43K found in donated clothes

And it may have been gone forever had it not been for a good Samaritan named Tyler Gedelian.

Spare change, lint, a grocery list now and then -- these are things Gedelian expects to find when rummaging through the pockets of donated clothing items at the Goodwill store where he works in Monroe, Michigan, the Monroe News reports.

The last thing he expected was for his fingers to stumble upon wads of cash.

But Gedelian was searching a donation like always on Wednesday when that's exactly what happened.

Stuffed in various envelopes with some old suits and a robe were stacks of $100 bills. The grand total: $43,000.

According to the newspaper, Gedelian called the police immediately -- before he even counted the money.

Police tracked down the owner of the cash, who reportedly told them he was cleaning out an elderly relative's closet and took some clothes to Goodwill, never thinking to check the pockets.

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