California officer helps deliver baby at gas station


The incident unfolded after dispatchers received a 911 call indicating that a woman went into labor on the way to Kaiser Hospital around 2 p.m.

Patricia didn't have enough time to make it to the hospital so they exited the freeway, pulled into the gas station near Stearns and Bernard streets, and dialed 911.

Dispatcher Anna May was on the other end. She says the call actually dropped.

"When I called them back, the gentlemen that was on the phone turned out to be the son. He said 'my mom is in labor and she is pushing', so I said, I'm thinking we got to go on this one," said May.

Police officer Kyle Crocker and his Explorer Scout ride-a-long Kyle Hunter were nearby.

"We just wanted to get there as quickly as we could," said Crocker. "At the same time, I'm secretly hoping that we do not beat fire and ambulance.""I've seen a lot of movies and shows about police officers going to calls like this, and I figure 'wow that would be a crazy call to go to,' and the second we get dispatched to that, and I think this is really happening so alright here we go," said Hunter.

The 16-year-old ushered the family into the gas station, while Crocker took care of the mother-in-labor.

"I started talking to her and she indicated very quickly that this is happening now, so waiting for fire and paramedics, I tell her 'hey, calm down'. I didn't tell her to push because I didn't want to speed things along, but I told her to do whatever comes natural and we'll basically deal with it," said Crocker.

She did. Crocker delivered the baby about a minute before paramedics showed up. The officer provided aid to the child by unwrapping the umbilical cord form around her neck to ensure she could breathe.

Patricia chose to give her daughter the middle name Kylie after Crocker and Hunter.

"Fortunately, the baby and mommy are healthy, and that is all I can ask for. I am very relieved," said Crocker.

Officials say it isn't the first time a Simi Valley officer has delivered a baby. If you're ever in a similar situation, pull over and dial 911 rather than press your luck and race to the hospital.

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