Women choose Botox as ideal Valentine's gift

A new study by Good Surgeon Guide asked a group of women which cosmetic treatment they would like to receive as a gift. Of those polled, 78 percent said they would like to receive the wrinkle-fighting injections. Dermal filler and teeth whitening also topped the list.

The study says there are three golden rules for purchasing procedures for a loved one:

1. Make sure it's a treatment they have already had and liked the results.

2. If you decide to go against rule number one, do your research.

3. The treatments would ideally require a qualified cosmetic nurse, doctor, or surgeon

But there are some procedures that women said they do not want to receive from their significant others. According to the study, do not give your lady laser hair removal, skin tightening, or leg vein removal.

The participants also say it's a good idea to ask them before gifting any cosmetic procedure.

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