Man calls number in commercial, wins Super Bowl tickets

Scott Knowlton of Brooklyn is a producer at Buzz60, where they look for online videos that they think will go viral.

He watched an Old Spice ad Tuesday and something caught his eye. It showed people sitting in a conference room when a guy's hair sprouts off his head and crawls across the table.

A flirty woman then writes down her number.

So what did Knowlton do? He called it, of course.

"A woman picked up, and said 'Old Spice hotline'. I said, 'Hi, I saw this number in a commercial, I thought it was weird. She said, 'Well I'm glad you did because we want to give you two tickets to the Super Bowl,'" Knowlton told ABC7 New York.

More than 1,000 people also called, but how many won the Super Bowl package? Head to our sister station, WABC-TV for more on this story.

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