Astros' chef provides low-cal Super Bowl options


Instead, we have some easy recipes from the Houston Astros' chef to try at home that provide a healthy alternative for snacks on Sunday. Chef Rey regulates almost every morsel the players put in their bodies during baseball season and says it is easy to enjoy flavorful food without the calories.

"We have a vast variety of color. We eat with our eyes, we see it and we are drawn to it. As we consume it, actually, makes it that much better on the palette," Chef Rey said.

Chef Rey created a healthy Super Bowl lineup of food, just for us. First up - skip the tortilla chips and go for the kale chips.

"Basically what I did is take the Tuscan kale, which is a much coarser kale, to use with the chips," Chef Rey said.

Just tear the kale off the stem and line them on a pan. Spray with canola oil and pop in the oven for 15 minutes on 425 degrees.

We need a dip to go with the kale chips, but skip the queso. Instead, Chef Rey likes to combine fresh guacamole and lump crab meat.

"On the crab, I basically sautéed it with a little garlic oil. All we are going to do is take the lump crab meat and mix with avocados," Chef Rey said.

Then it's time to dip!

Next up are the sliders. They're trendy, but skip the bread and stack them with zucchini instead. Use a cream cheese chive spread to stack roma tomatoes in between the zucchini slices. Plate the sliders on a bed of Asian slaw for a fraction of the calories.

Instead of heavy meatballs, Chef Rey says his go-to substitute is turkey-stuffed pasta shells. It's Italian turkey with stuffed spinach. Finish that off with marinara sauce and parmesan and your main course is portion controlled.

For those who want a sweet treat, he created a fruit parfait with a strawberry cream mixture. The dish is an assortment of fresh berries and a dip garnished with pecans.

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