Houston Auto Show going on at Reliant Center


You can see just about every car for sale at the show, the question is, does anyone actually buy these things after a visit?

The aluminum alloy F-150 and the new Corvette may be some of the highlights of the Houston Auto Show, but that is not what has caught the eye of Katrina Rene.

"I like that little Lexus over there," auto show attendee Katrina Rene said. "I am a fan."

And Rene may be driving one home very soon.

"I have had my car since 2008. I am overdue six years," she said.

"So it is good to come down here?" we asked her.

"I think so, to see what's new," she said.

Auto Show organizers say Rene is not alone, and it's one of the big reasons the show happens at all.

"All surveys show that over 50 percent of the people who attend an auto show are in the market in the next year," said Wyatt Wainwright with Houston Auto Dealers Association.

For those who are just looking, there is plenty to see. That truck we mentioned is getting a lot of attention and it's 700 pounds lighter.

"In losing the weight on the vehicle, you can improve the fuel economy, you can cut the costs for those operating the vehicle," said Mike Moran with Ford Motor Company.

Visitors can test drive cars, but if you really want some fun, check out the hill over at Camp Jeep. Drivers say they don't have to touch the brake when they're coming downhill.

"The technology is absolutely wonderful," said Steve Lorton with Track Manager.

The show runs through Sunday.

As for the aluminum alloy truck, it goes on sale at the end of this year, but we still do not know how much it will cost.

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