Ways to save when buying organic


ABC13 SuperSaver Tiffany Ivanofsky says the easiest way to save on organics is to choose the store brand organic product.

At HEB, it's the Central Market organics brand, at Randall's it's "O" organics label and at Kroger, it's in the second year of their new 'Simple Truth' line. Kroger just recently launched 100 new products as part of the private label, which include organic and natural items.

The difference in price can be significant. An example, Horizon milk is $3.38 a gallon, while the Simple Truth organic milk is $2.79.

Plus, right now at Kroger, there are coupons you can stack with those deals.

"So if you go to SimpleTruth.com, you will be able to this month, to be able to download $10 of coupons off the natural and organic products," said David Villanueva with Kroger.

But what about coupons for national brands?

"That has always been the misconception that there are no coupons for organic products, but there are, you just have to look a little bit harder," said Tiffany.

Several organic and healthy food coupon sites include MamboSprouts.com, HealthEsavers.com and Hopster.com.

At these sites, you can find printable digital coupons.

Tiffany says if you want to get specific food coupons from your favorite organic brands, you will have to register an email address with the company.

Right now at Driscolls.com, you'll instantly get a 50 cents-off coupon for any Driscoll's product and you can print the coupon three times.

Earthboundfarmorganic.com, organicvalley.com and kashi.com all work the same way.

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