Dad facing jail time over child support dispute, even though he claims he's caught up on payments


Clifford Hall's child support drama has been getting global attention ever since he and his attorney began speaking out this month about a civil court judge's order to send the dad to jail.

"I'm hurt. Truly hurt. I'm truly hurt. This has really, really hurt me," Hall said.

Hall says he hasn't been able to see his 11-year-old son for two months. The dad is caught up in some unique child support controversy that now has him at risk of serving jail time, despite claiming his monthly payments are caught up and overpaid.

"It's really unimaginable. It's not anything I'd want anybody to go through," Hall said.

Hall and his attorney Tyesha Elam claim the man's problems started back in 2012 when a judge granted his ex increased child support.

"What's most important to remember, in his case, is that his employer was not made aware of the child support increase, and because of that, they were inconsistent in their withholding," Elam said.

Elam says once the state notified Hall of the arrests, he paid the back child support and then some. But during a hearing in November, Elam claims a judge found Hall in contempt for inconsistent payments and violations of visitation modifications for which he allegedly wasn't made aware. And a change in state child support laws last year allowed the judge to sentence Hall to jail.

"Now a person can go to jail whether they are caught up or not," Elam said.

For now, Hall says he's trying to fight that jail order. He says 180 days behind bars won't help him nor his son.

"If you have a kid, hug him, and love him, because it can be taken away from you at any time," Hall said.

Right now, Hall and his attorney are working on an appeal.

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