Food substitutions that can help you save calories and money


There is no doubt losing weight is all about your diet. So if you are trying to eat healthier there are some easy substitutions you can make that will save you some calories and it's easy on the wallet.

Interior designer Lisa Goe is always on the go and so after doing her own research she has found several healthy food substitutes that replace some popular high calorie ones.

"A lot of these items are the same price if not even cheaper and definitely more healthy for you," said Goe.

Take for example, the Starbucks blueberry muffin, it's a whopping 350 calories and costs $2.50. Instead, Goe says choose to make your own muffin using oat flour and the price per muffin is 35 cents.

She says there are many calories in flavored creamers and powders, instead replace your creamer with a teaspoon of protein powder and use that in your coffee instead. It will give you a fuller feeling for much longer.

"Knowledge is key just familiar yourself with the calories of items," she said.

Another tip is to say no to salted nuts and candy and yes to raw almonds. Even these 'low sodium' nuts have a lot of sodium while raw almonds have none, and the price is about the same.

Say no to cereal bars and opt for protein bars. While protein bars are a little more expensive, many of they are meals that are meant to keep you full longer.

"The sodas, even if they are diet, they have a lot of product you don't want in your body," said Goe.

Drink green tea instead of a diet soda at 20 cents a serving; it's known to be a metabolism booster.

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