Fate of HCC trustee at center of residential dispute still undecided


Ultimately, a jury will decide where Wilson actually resides.

Friday's hearing didn't accomplish much. But this process a Harris County attorney called a circus is at least forcing Wilson to sleep at least last night in a pretty small, sparsely furnished northwest Houston apartment.

"I slept at my home," Wilson told us.

"Which is where?" we asked.

"5600 West 34th Street," he said.

"Where will you sleep tonight?" we asked.

"Same place," he said.

Wilson won an election to the Houston Community College Board of Trustees claiming he resides at 5600 West 34Th Street. There is an apartment there, but his wife lives in much nicer house a few miles away. It's outside the HCC boundaries though, which is why even though Wilson sometimes sleeps next to his wife in the big house, he claims he doesn't legally reside there.

Wilson claims this is a political hit by the Harris County Attorney's Office and didn't like us questioning where he lives.

"You need to be careful and stop making a statement that's not true," Wilson said.

Friday's hearing argues over whether the county attorney can really do this. And the lawyer all agreed to get back to the judge next week.

In the meantime, and until a judge says he isn't, Wilson is an HCC trustee and plans to take his seat at next week's meeting.

"I will sit up front and vote. I might even lobby to be the chair of the board," he said.

On Monday, the county attorney is expected to ask a judge to stop him from doing it. We'll see what happens.

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