Are you financially fluent?


Today's banking technology lets you connect with your money and your financial goals, anywhere, anytime.

Today, more than half of all adults in the U.S. bank online, and a third used their smartphone to do their banking transactions. With a touch, you can get a clear picture of your balances online, move money, even deposit checks in a flash. Technology is helping us to be smarter about our money.

With personal financial management tools, like Cadence Bank's Total Money, you can aggregate all of your accounts -- checking, savings, credit cards, even accounts held with other financial institutions -- into one place for a complete financial picture.

You can set and track monthly budgets. And you can even view spending by categories, such as bills, groceries, restaurants or gas. Eye-catching bubble budgets let you quickly identify how your budget is doing.. annually, monthly, even weekly. By color, by size and through a progress meter, you can see what's on track and what needs your attention.

You can even get email alerts when action is needed.

Being able to see where you are -- and where you're going -- can help you become financially fluent...and succeed financially. T

hat's information worth knowing...

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