Alleged assault in Brookshire sends baby to hospital


Police aren't yet releasing any details, but the victim, a mother in her 20s, tells Eyewitness News she was allegedly choked and attacked at a motel on Koomey Road near I-10, and her two-month-old daughter was injured in the process.

"'Close the door, he's out there!'" neighbor Thomas Brewington said.

Brewington says that's what a frightened young mother told him moments after allegedly being attacked by her boyfriend in a room they'd been sharing at a Brookshire motel Friday afternoon.

Brewington says he first heard a big commotion.

"I heard the door get knocked open, and I come to the door, and open the door, and then her and the baby came in and she said, 'Close the door,'" Brewington said.

Eyewitnesses say the attack happened shortly after the woman's boyfriend arrived to the room they'd been renting for the past week.

The victim tells Eyewitness News that her boyfriend choked her, then threw her on the bed, on top of her infant who was resting at the time and continued assaulting her. The woman says she managed to break free and grab her child and run for help.

That's when she ran to neighbors and told them she needed help calling police.

"He was choking her out while she still had the baby underneath her," motel employee Charles Krumrie said.

Eyewitnesses say the frantic woman appeared to be roughed up and her skin was red. They were really concerned about her small child.

"LifeFlight was called, ambulance came, and I noticed that her little girl was kind of really lethargic, kind of in and out of consciousness the whole time, so that's why they called Life Flight," Krumrie said.

The victim tells Eyewitness News her daughter is going to be OK.

Neighbors say the woman's boyfriend ran off before Brookshire police arrived to the scene.

The Brookshire Police Department is only confirming the incident is under investigation. Neighbors say the baby was rushed to Texas Children's Hospital.

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