What was that burning smell in Sunnyside?


The power problems in Sunnyside started on Monday when light bulbs got brighter on their own.

"It brightened up the room completely," said resident Terald Barzar.

Barzar says once her lights started getting brighter, she called CenterPoint Energy.

"They said it would cost me 50 dollars to come out if the problems was mine," she said.

Barzar says a CenterPoint technician came out, checked the lines and determined the issue was in her home.

"CenterPoint says it would be my problem and I would have to call a repairman," she said.

Barzar says the power surges continued and then New Years Day, things got worse.

"I started smelling an electrical smell, like something burning," she said.

This time, Bazar called to the fire department and then found out she was not the only person having issues.

"I opened my door and, ew, it was just awful burning," said resident Mildred Vickers.

Now it was neighbors calling CenterPoint. This time they say the worker took a closer look at the transformer.

"He found problems there," said Vickers. "He said there was some loose wiring and some melting and he had to work back in that area."

The problems are now fixed. Barzar says as he was leaving, the technician told her it was a good thing she was persistent.

"Over a period of time, it would have messed up all my appliances and then it could have gone to the house," said Barzar.

CenterPoint says it is looking into why the first lineman did not find the transformer issue and says that $50 callout fee will be waived if it does appear on the bills.

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