'Tips for Jesus' strikes again, leaves big tip in Arizona


A mystery tipper left a bartender at the Derby Public House in Scottsdale a $2,000 tip.

She says he was not alone. And before paying they teased her, saying "wouldn't it be awesome if we were those guys who've been leaving big tips?"

"They wouldn't let me see the tab," said bartender Kristi Jonas. "And they said, 'hold this up,' and the girls were like gasping. And I looked down and it was $2,000. And when I looked back up they were filming me on their phones. And they said, 'hey, we are those guys, we're the Tips for Jesus guys.'"

Last month a customer at Harris Steakhouse in San Francisco left a $1,500 tip on a tab just under $500, signed "Tips for Jesus." The lucky waiter blessed by the money is Andy Zhang.

"I was surprised and really happy. At the same day I bought a wedding band for my fiancee. So it helped me a lot I really appreciate it," said Zhang.

These "Tips For Jesus" have popped up across the country. There's an Instagram page showing receipts with thousands of dollars tacked on. The heading says "Doing the Lord's work one tip at a time."

Silicon Valley blog ValleyWag says the mystery tipper is Jack Selby, former PayPal vice president. Selby has not confirmed that report.

(ABC7 News reporter John Alston contributed to this report)

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