Montgomery County attorney demanding return of funds from former commissioner, development company


In a letter sent to former Commissioner Ed Chance last week, the county attorney says Chance, "...had a duty to refrain from self-dealing... Nevertheless you accepted payments from [a developer-related company] in excess of $500,000 for your own personal gain."

The county wants that money back, along with millions more from the developer of the Joe Corley Detention Center and nearby county mental health facility.

Chance said the money was a disclosed loan he's since paid back.

Our attempts to reach the developer were unsuccessful.

The Montgomery County District Attorney declined to bring criminal charges in the case against either party earlier this year.

If the money is not paid back in 30 days, the county attorney is prepared to file a civil lawsuit.

We are investigating the claims with the Conroe Courier, one of our Houston Community Newspapers partners. The courier will have more in Monday's edition, and we'll have more next week on Eyewitness News.

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