Family says robbers threatened to take baby while demanding cash, drugs


It happened just after 1am on Ilex at Redwood.

A husband, his wife, a sister-in-law and infant were all inside when the suspects made their way in demanding drugs and cash. Police say the man and one of the women were pistol whipped by the suspects.

"My brother is in a lot of pain and that's what I'm checking out right now," said a family member who didn't want to be identified.

According to police, one of the suspects was dressed as a police officer wearing a police jacket and a badge. The relative didn't know the suspects.

"Well, that they were fake cops who came knocking on the door last night around 1 or 2 in the morning and he opened the door," said the relative.

The relative said at one point when the suspects didn't find any drugs or money, they threatened to take the baby.

"It's scary. I mean, I don't know what to think. I'm really scared, too," she said. "So that's the reason I'm here."

Investigators say the suspects demanded the keys to an Escalade outside and stole it. That SUV was tracked by OnStar and was located by authorities.

"OnStar was tracking the vehicle. They gave me directions," said Officer Sean Jordan with the Houston Police Department. "I got to this area and we finally narrowed it down and I found it down this track right here. When I got here, the suspects had already left the scene."

Police said while the suspects were driving, OnStar activated the emergency flashers and horn. That's when the suspects eventually ditched the vehicle off the Eastex Freeway and Hopper.

Police say the suspects showed up to the house in a silver Crown Victoria. Police are still searching for that vehicle along with the suspects.

The home is surrounded by cameras but a relative in the home said the suspects took the surveillance video.

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