Toilet of the future changes how you ... sit

Most toilets look roughly the same, in general design and principal

December 9, 2013 2:05:47 PM PST
A toilet pretty much looks like any other, and has since indoor plumbing graced us with its presence in the 1800s -- until now.

Graduate students studying industrial design in England apparently took inspiration from World Toilet Day to rethink the way most of the Western world 'goes.' They reimagined the standard toilet and came up with a winning design -- the ergonomically-correct-for-pooping Wellbeing Toilet.

The modern-looking hybrid aims to change people's habits, and encourage a healthier squatting position, which is said to reduce the risk for colon diseases and other related illnesses.

The prototype toilet will also be able to analyze urine, creators say, aiming to help users identify things such as kidney disease and diabetes earlier. They add it could even include a pregnancy test, and ultimately analyze nutritional deficiencies.

For now, the design is just a concept.

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