Houston homeowner questions handling of Christmas package


Josh Smith came home from work Friday afternoon and the Dwight Howard shoes he'd ordered for a relative for Christmas were front and center on the sidewalk.

"Basically, I saw pieces of paper all across the yard," he said.

They looked almost ready to put on, except they were damaged.

"The back of the shoes are torn up, dirt underneath the bottom," he said. "The sides, not in a condition to give them as a giift to somebody."

It seems his dog, Roxie, was quite fond of them, too, or maybe just the package they were shipped in. As he watched surveillance video of the delivery by the United States Postal Service, he got more upset.

"Just the lack of concern or courtesy of handling a package," he said. "To take it and physically throw it as far as you can over the fence, knowing there's a dog there."

There is a dog warning on his fence. He's complained to a supervisor at his neighborhood post office and says he'd like a delivery notice in his mailbox outside of that fence.

"It was just a pair of shoes but it could have been something really fragile, or a family heirloom that can't be replaced or medicine," said Smith.

He hopes his next delivery will be handled with more care.

Eyewitness News has requested a response from the postal service and information on their policy. We'll report it as soon as we get it.

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