Portland girl raising money for braces by selling mistletoe told to beg instead


Madison Root, 11, wanted to help her father pay for her braces, so she cut and wrapped mistletoe from her uncle's farm and began selling them at the market. That's until a security guard confronted her, saying she needed a permit to sell merchandise.

The guard then told her she should beg for donations instead. Madison refuses to beg.

"There were people just next to me that have big signs that say, 'Got pot?" said Madison. "They're raising money for pot and I'm trying to sell mistletoe. I don't want to beg. I would rather work for something than beg."

Since this story aired in Oregon, orders for Madison's mistletoe have mushroomed. And a local mistletoe farm donated $1,000 to her. We're happy to report she got her braces yesterday.

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