Best prices on real human hair pieces


Hair transplants can cost thousands of dollars and the sheer amount of money women spend on treatments can be astronomical. That's why a hair piece might just be the best way to stretch your dollar.

When Debbie Winegar started losing her hair six years ago, she was devastated

"What happens to us, you begin to thin and you get a wider and wider part in your hair," she said.

She tried every pill, product and procedure on the market.

"I have tried the hair extensions," Winegar said. "I have tried the bonding in ones."

She says those hair extensions didn't help.

"That still doesn't eliminate the problem that my scalp area is so thin," she said.

She even learned how to style her hair to make it appear fuller at the top.

"The problem is it just won't hold up and it won't hold up and it won't hold up in the Texas humidity and mist and rain," she said.

Then about a year ago, the stylists over at the Upper Hand Salon found her a product called Top Secret Haircessory. It's real human hair.

"I was very hesitant to try something like this because I don't want it to look wiggy. I don't want it to look like a toupee," said Winegar. "I don't want it to look obvious that you are trying to disguise something."

"It's just snaps right in and it's so snug. I feel like it's not going anywhere, doesn't matter if the wind is blowing or what I'm not afraid I'm going to lose it," she said.

The top piece which has a clear mesh is attached to your existing hair with clips. The hair is hand tied and placed in the direction of how your hair normally falls, making it look real. The price is $650. But Rachel Gower with the Upper Hand says you can find other more affordable options.

"The trick with hair pieces is that it's good quality hair and real human hair," said Gower.

At Sally Beauty Supply, we found real human hair bang 'Snap ins' that cost $9.99. But for something fuller and more custom, at Harwin International off Harwin in southwest Houston, we found real human hair pieces for 50 to 75 percent off the retail price.

The prices range from $39 to $89.99.

A blonde top piece is priced at $89.00 a brown one is $49.99 and a light brown top piece goes for $39.99. The store carries an array of shades and has custom pieces for your needs.

For Winegar her hair piece is worth every penny because she says it has given her confidence back.

"I wear it every day for one year, 365 days a year, this cost me $2 a day," said Winegar.

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