Texans coach Gary Kubiak surprises players at practice


But all of those doubts were erased Thursday when Coach Kubiak dropped into practice. Kubiak didn't show up to coach, just to watch his team, let them know he's OK and to thank them for all of their support

"He looked great," said center Chris Myers. "I mean, he smiled and was cracking jokes out there, just the regular Kub. But he can't play it too safe, you know. Until he's fully healthy and cleared, he's not gonna be back out here."

"To actually see him, hear him talk to us, address the team, that means everything," said lineman Duane Brown. "You can hear all about someone doing well while they're still in the hospital but to see them out and about and walking around, you know, that means everything to us."

The welcome back is one thing, but when word leaked that Kubiak had thanked guard Ben Jones for his get well poem, the Texans locker room erupted, while Jones tried his hand at damage control.

"I don't know what they're talking about," said Jones. I think it's just rumors saying. I don't know what's stirring up in the O-line room."

"I thought I knew him. He gave us his word, told us he wrote him a poem," said Brown. "So I think he wrote him a poem. If it was signed 'anonymous' and Kubs just knew his handwriting, maybe that's what it was."

"He did call Ben Jones out," added defensive lineman Antonio Smith. "I want to see that letter, too. I want to see if it's hand-made with sprinkles and stuff on it." .

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