Experts share biggest job interview blunders


That phone blunder is only the tip of the bad interview iceberg. Genevieve Simmons with Platform Houston is hiring and has seen good interviews go bad.

"People actually stalling, people saying something and being like. And then just staying like that, 'I am like,' Don't, don't do that," said Simmons.

Blank stares are bad but not the worst interview mistake. According to, the biggest blunder:

"A candidate answered the cell phone and asked the interviewer to leave her own office because it was a 'private' conversation," the website said.

Carlos Lavalais with Workforce Solutions in Houston has seen it all.

"Texting, to playing games on the phone, and of course, some people still have a problem with talking on the phone because they get tired of waiting for the interview without taking into account you are under the spotlight the whole time," said Lavalais.

Other interview issues, according Career Builder:

51 percent of hiring managers say dressing inappropriately is a common problem
49 percent say applicants speak negatively about current or former employers
48 percent say applicants appear disinterested in the job

Larii Durham is currently looking for warehouse work in Houston and promises to avoid those mistakes. He also passed along his own advice for landing a job.

"When you go into an interview, you do not want to sound mumbled or befuddled. You want to know exactly what you are talking about when they ask you a question, you want to be able to respond," said Durham.

Another blunder, an applicant told his potential employer that he lost his last job after beating up his old boss. Don't do that.

By the way, Houston has one of the fastest growing job markets in the nation.

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