Thrifty families can save big at outlet


From getting an outfit for a new job to school clothes for the little ones, or even gearing up for the Houston Rodeo, clothes shopping has never been easier and cheaper. Check out where we found some really great deals, all for under $2.

"Purses, shoes, suits, dresses, jackets," said professional blogger Pippa Williams.

Williams is talking about the incredible finds at Family Thrift Center. It's a one stop shop for all your clothing needs. Williams says the price is right.

"Everything is $1.75 and it goes down a quarter every single day," Williams said.

Williams tells us the store gets new shipments weekly, and restocks the racks before opening its doors on Thursday. That's the first day of the sale and everything is a $1.75.

On Friday, everything drops a quarter to a $1.50 and each day the price drops a quarter until Wednesday, when everything left in the store is just 25 cents each. But Williams says the good stuff goes early and so she shops on Thursday.

"We got here at 6:30 this morning. There was a line that went ... all the way down the building," Williams said.

"My 7-year-old daughter, she loves it when I come home from here because last time I was here I bought her a Lilly Pulitzer dress," said professional blogger Jen Meneely.

Meneely is Williams' shopping and blogging partner. Together they run the blog site Too Cheap Blondes.

"This is a vintage suede jacket with a mink collar, and the mink collar is removable," said Meneely.

In a vintage store you could easily pay well over $100 for that item.

Meneely says there are many hidden gems, including brand name coats like Izod and Columbia -- some never before worn, with the original sale tags on them.

It's never too early to start thinking about the Houston Rodeo. Williams says you can lasso in a whole outfit for less than $10.

"These were $1.75 each for these cowboy boots. We found a pair of Levi jeans at $1.75," said Meneely.

Williams found several tops that go well with jeans to complete your a rodeo outfit, including an Ann Klein suede jacket or a hand-woven cape that she says would normally sell for $100 and $50 elsewhere.

If ultra high end designer labels are what you're after, check out these great deals on Burberry, Trina Turk and a Brooks Brothers top -- new with tags!

For the guys, we found J. Crew, Boss and even Orvis outerwear.

In addtion to Family Thrift Centers, these Too Cheap Blondes have a couple other shopping hot spots they hit frequently.

"Goodwill is fantastic, and Value Village as well. (Together) those are our three favorite chains," Meneely said.

On Wednesday, when everything is a quarter, Family Thrift Center closes at noon. That's when they start replenishing the shelves with new inventory, getting ready for the Thursday morning rush.

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