Seeing more ants in your yard? You're not alone


Rasberry ants and fire ants are causing problems right now but they are not treated the same way.

Tama Walker is getting poison for Rasberry ants but not before they did more than $2,000 in damage to her electronic driveway gate.

"I called the guy to come out and he said I have bad news for you, your entire circuitry, your circuit board, the electrical components have been eaten away by the ants," said Walker.

The Rasberry ants are on the move looking for warm spots and electronics are perfect for them. As for fire ants, rain is the reason you are seeing them.

Pest control expert Ken Bernard says liquid sprays like Reclaim work best on fire ants and your whole yard can be treated for less than $100.

"It'll do $64 and one gallon to 500 square feet; that's 3/4 of an acre right there," said Bernard.

As for Rasberry ants, exterminator Tom Rasberry was the first to spot the species and says homeowners need to make a proper identification before treating.

"If you are having a treatment done and they are not properly denitrified the odds of success are extremely slim," said Rasberry.

Texas A&M says treat Rasberry ants with a spray called Termidor, but before you start, take some in a bag to an exterminator to make sure you are treating the right ant with the right insecticide.

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