Texans players react to Coach Gary Kubiak's collapse

HOUSTON From the Texans locker room, there was varying descriptions about how they saw or found out about their head coach Gary Kubiak had collapsed just after halftime started.

Tackle Duane Brown told us he saw Coach Kubiak go down. Other players were already up the tunnel and they described a chaotic scene and it took them some time to realize it was their coach who was down receiving medical attention.

"I just heard everybody screaming, 'trainer, trainer." Word kind of travels and it got to me when I was already in the locker room. They said it was Coach Kubiak passed out and stuff," said Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson. "It was definitely tough for us for that to happen in the middle of the game like that."

"It's not something you can really prepare for, nothing you really expect," said Brown. "Like I said, we don't know what the cause of it is. We just pray for him and hope for a speedy recovery."

The updates from the Texans locker room offered encouraging signs for Kubiak.

"The doctors and our medical staff took care of him here," said Texans Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips. "All of his vital signs are good. He did not have a heart attack, but they are still checking on everything with him."

'He was stable and vital signs are good," said Texans linebacker Whitney Mercilus. "He will be back whenever he can."

More reaction on Kubiak's collapse

Johnathan Joseph: "He's the leader of this team. Everybody on this team has a great amount of respect for him. Anytime you see something happen like that, it's gonna touch everyone. We're just glad to hear that he's okay."

Kareem Jackson: "As a team, we're definitely gonna pray for him and his family. Hope he's gonna have a speedy recovery and hope everythings OK."

Case Keenum: "We're all very worried ... obviously, we were all very upset about that, but trying to stay focused at the same time."

Joe Mays: "We didn't know what happened. All we can do is hope that he's OK. We tried to come out here and play for him, finish for him."

Ed Reed: "Obviously, praying for coach. I heard he's stable."

JJ Watt: "Our thoughts are with coach. We don't know too much, obviously we hope he's OK. Sounds like he's okay, but we don't know enough to say anything. So, I hope he's alright."

Antonio Smith: "This is a family-oriented team. I saw it when it happened, so it affected me right off the bat. I was trying to find someone to get him some help. I know he wanted us to finish the game, and the fight."

We wish our very best to Coach Kubiak and his family.

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