Surf's up! SurfSET Houston offers unique workout experience


"It's like surfing, but without water," instructor Sebastian Bidegaim said.

If you ever wanted to learn about surfing, or just attack your core, a six-foot surfboard atop three BOSU balls simulates the balance needed to catch a wave. Like in ocean, the board targets your core, strengthening your balance and stability.

In other words, you're using muscles most of us never use.

"To get us started, we shake the board side to side, engaging all core muscles," instructor Rina McNeill said. "And the different moves just keep hitting your body from every angle."

To engage your core even more, you can use other moves -- like "kick the shark" and "punch the shark" -- for than a minute.

For a full body workout, you'll find yourself taking every possible position on the SurfSET board. Carving waves moves the intensity from your core down to your calves.

But before you know it, you're on your back.

And we've all burned our feet on a hot beach, so another move on and off the board is dubbed "hot sand."

With no jarring movements, SurfSET is a low-impact workout.

"It was a lot of fun," Tiffany Dempsey said. "It was more challenging than I thought, giving the constant balancing."

Like no two waves are the same, SurfSET constantly changes routine.

"It engages every muscle, every stabilizer in your body," McNeill said. "We work upper body, we work lower body and we are constantly changing it up."

And the only saltwater you'll taste is the sweat dripping down your face.

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