Gate welded shut putting students in harm's way


Resident Elida Garcia says it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt trying to climb over a fence, and that someone could very well be her own grandkids. She says it's been an ongoing problem ever since the gate that leads to Klein Forest High School was welded shut by the homeowners' association back in August. Now, students are forced to walk about a mile on a busy stretch of Champions Forest just to get to school.

Resident Alexandra Hernandez explained, "They have to go all around the neighborhood on Champions Forest and there's that risk of them being run over or not making it to school."

Hernandez used the gate for years to get to school but is now having to drive her younger brother to and from campus because she doesn't want to see him get hurt.

She said, "I'm just afraid one of these days I'm going to look over and there's going to be a body hanging down just like stuck in between the fence, because it's pointy and anybody can slip and fall."

The homeowners' association wouldn't go on camera to discuss this story. But over the phone they explained they were having problems with nonresidents using a park to hang out, loiter and, in some cases, even do drugs. The quick fix was to weld the gate shut to keep trespassers out.

Garcia doesn't agree with that decision and says she is now on a mission, asking one neighbor at a time to sign her petition to open the gate and keep the students safe.

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