Before you buy beauty products, ask to try samples


From the drug store to the department store, we were on a mission to see what we can get for free just by asking.

At Macy's in Memorial City Mall, the beauty consultants were open to giving plenty of perfume samples, especially on some of the latest scents.

Beauty junkie Kristina Colunga always asks.

"Especially with perfume, you want to know how it's going to set with you and how you care going to enjoy the scent over a period of time," Colunga said.

So we took Colunga's strategy and went to work. Just by asking, we were given take-home samples of just about every perfume available.

"It's a great thing to be able to test things prior to purchasing them," one shopper said.

We also scored other freebies at the Benefit counter. We got a free 10-day sample of color stain.

At the Lush counter, a travel-size soap and shampoo were free. And at the Bare Minerals counter, it was a travel-size foundation sample.

Over at the high-end department stores, we found they are very generous with their beauty samples.

At Nordstrom, they freely gave us samples of their $100 face cremes in small packets. And if they don't have a sample of what you want, they will make one for you in one of their pods.

Over at Neiman Marcus, we were given good-size portions of samples. Price points for the full-size version are as expensive as $950 a jar.

And finally don't discount the drug stores, although you usually can't "sample" products in the store, the sales associates have plenty of free samples they can give you.

Shannon Warrick scored some free samples of some skin cream to try at home.

"Not a lot of those lines have that 100 percent guarantee and with you having free samples, you get to try it before you buy it," Warrick said.

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