Mom defends self after twins found naked, locked in room in Liberty County trailer


Liberty County arrested Brandy Dominguez Tuesday afternoon on a charge of abandonment/endangering a child by criminal negligence. But on the eve of her arrest, Dominguez told Eyewitness News she did nothing wrong.

Dominguez says her twin two-year-olds were never neglected.

"I was gone maybe about 30 minutes. My sister's been left with my kids before and nothing's ever happened," Dominguez said.

A police report says the toddlers were found naked, locked in a room with no furniture or children's items, with a strong odor of human waste.

"We want to understand from the family members what was going on earlier that day," Children's Protective Services Spokeswoman Gwen Carter said.

Probation officers discovered the children when they showed up looking for Dominguez, who is facing a federal charge of conspiracy to transport illegal immigrants. The officers heard scratching sounds and ordered her sister, 27-year-old Amy Castillo, to unlock the toddlers' room.

"There's been police cars down there at odd hours," neighbor Diana Wright said.

CPS has investigated Brandy Dominguez before. What's called a "risk case" was opened in 2011 and closed in 2012. Dominguez said when she left the girls, they were diapered and lying on pallets on the floor. She said the lock was only used at night to keep the girls from running away and she blames her sister for the whole situation.

"I was like Amy I did not even keep the door locked. I unlocked it when I went to check on them before I left and they were still soundly asleep like angels," Dominguez said.

Castillo is also facing the same charge as Dominguez in connection to this case. She is in jail, where she's being held on a $5,000 bond.

CPS was to ask a judge on Tuesday to grant emergency custody of the girls so they can stay at the foster home where they are doing well.

Dominguez has a hearing Friday. Right now, she's being held at the Liberty County Jail.

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