New Benjamins could be worth more than $100 face value


The new bills are designed to beat counterfeiters. Collectors can't wait to get their hands on them because some are already worth more than the face value, and you could find one yourself.

Printed without a seal, Houston collector Jack Wright snapped up a $100 that came to his shop because its worth more than face value.

"I am thinking maybe $600 to $800, I am going to send it off and have it certified," said Jack Wright of Wright's Pawn and Jewelry.

Wright and collectors across the country can't wait to get their hands on the new 100 bills being minted right now.

While they will be looking for mistakes, they'll also be keeping an eye on the obvious, the serial number given to each and every bill.

Collectors say serial numbers on bill lower than 100 can be worth much more than the face value on any bill as long as they are crisp, clean and unfolded.

Other numbers carry value, too.

"However the question is, 'Will they ever make it out of the hands of federal employees?'" said Carl Schwenker of the Houston Coin Collectors Club.

Schwenker says low numbers could be given to government officials but other valuable numbers will get out to the general public.

"111111 same situation, or 22222, " said Schwenker.

Here are some others to watch out for repeaters, like 82118211, ladders like 12345678, or even 31415926, which is the mathematical constant pi.

"They are valuable," said Schwenker.

Those new bills hit the streets in a matter of days, remember the bills are worth more if they are pristine.

Happy hunting.

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