Vandals target cars parked on street in the Heights


Neighbors say the vandal who's been targeting this area smashed the windows of several cars parked down a four block stretch of one street alone this week.

Neighbors along Cortlandt call this a pretty quiet street. But a recent rash of car vandalism on this block has some folks in this area thinking twice about where they're leaving their cars parked overnight. Neighbors say an unknown vandal been smashing in and shooting out several car windows.

Property manager Frank Garrett said, "It's really frustrating, especially for me being a property manager, and us wanting to keep tenants in and to feel comfortable here when there is smashing like that going on up and down the street. We've actually had people leave for reasons like that"

Garrett says one of his tenants woke up Sunday to find a couple of windows on her car broken. Neighbor Lindsay Norris says she also found windows shattered on several other vehicles which were left parked on the street.

"Little bullet holes and then the window would be shattered, it hadn't fallen in because of the plastic in between the glass, and then a couple of them were completely broken out," Norris explained.

Eyewitnesses say the unknown vandals targeted cars parked along Cortlandt between 16th and 20th streets sometime early Sunday. So far, only a couple of victims have contacted police. And for now, many neighbors are using social media to alert one another about the crime.

Jenny, a local resident, said, "It's very frustrating. I think it's very worrying really. You know, you don't necessarily expect it in this area."

Workers at one nearby auto glass shop told me they were busy repairing the damage Sunday and Monday. Police are urging anyone with information about the vandal responsible to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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