After seeing JJ Watt's bloody face Sunday, some are asking if NFL should implement a 'blood rule'


We all know football is a contact sport. Cuts and bruises are part of the game, but after seeing blood stream from Watt's face during the game Sunday, some are asking if the NFL should implement a so-called "blood rule," like some other professional leagues.

"I actually think J.J. looked more intimidating with the blood on his face," fan Randy Adamile said.

No one has ever questioned Watt's toughness, but his appearance Sunday was quintessential.

"I think they should follow the NBA rule," Adamile said. "There's precedent for it . There are infectious diseases. I think they should do it."

The blood rule requires the player to leave the field, stop the bleeding and clean their uniform.

A former Houston Texans player who also played defensive end says the rule wouldn't necessarily work in the NFL. N.D. Kalu said it would slow down the pace of the game, and impact players like Watt would be lost for several plays .

"It's not just going to be one play. I don't know if you've ever tried to put on a jersey and change a jersey. It takes some time to do that," Kalu said. "I don't think it's needed and will mess up the flow more than anything."

As for a disease be contracted by an opponent?

"The question I would ask, how many contracted a disease due to blood while playing football? I played 12 years in the NFL, four years in college, high school. I've never heard of a situation where that's happened," Kalu said.

Some Texans fans say it's all part of a contact sport.

"It's fine with me; it's football," fan Todd Haro said. "That's how I grew up playing the sport, so I don't see how it should be any different now."

At this point, the NFL has no official comment on implementing a new blood rule. Even if they were to look at adding a rule, it would not happen until after this season.

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