New iPhone design with iOS7 blamed for motion sickness


The new update to iPhones changes the home screen, gives it depth and movement. And for some people, it gives them something else, a sick feeling when they look at it.

Houston iPhone owner Sean-Michael Hazuda is not going to get the new operating system update on his iPhone.

"I've decided not to do the iPhone update to the 7 right now just because the imagery on there is sort of cartoonish and the other one is sophisticated and does not have that weird, that weird visual effect," said Hazuda.

That effect has some who have downloaded the update wishing they did not. The moving background, according to some users, is making them fell sick. The reason is something called the convergence angle.

"When you are looking at device that is at a certain viewing distance, your two eyes are pointed at that object and that's what we call the convergence angle," said Dr. Janice Wensveen from the University of Houston.

Wensveen adds to get the effect of movement the image is manipulated to get depth, and that some people's eyes have trouble processing it.

"We think it is the mismatch between where your eyes are actually pointing and where the image seems to be that giving people these symptoms of dizziness," said Wensveen.

The effect does not bother everyone and eye doctors say it will likely go away in time. But there is an immediate fix for those suffering from iPhone dizzy spells.

"If you go to settings and then general, and select accessibility, there's a tab for reduce motion; you turn that off and you lose that shifty wobbly movement," said Jay Lee the Host of the local radio show Technology Bytes.

Lee adds the new home screen effect also uses more battery power. That's why Lee says he turned off the program.

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