FBI, IRS going through Kemah city documents


Did former Kemah Mayor Matt Wiggins abuse his power or just act like a smart businessman when he bought up properties in Kemah after Hurricane Ike? It looks like that's what federal agents are trying to figure out when they showed up at City Hall this week.

"Mr. Wiggins and I got into an argument at City Hall," Long time Kemah resident Chad Jones said.

Jones has had his runs with Wiggins and has been a frequent critic of the former mayor.

"I feel that it's about time. Hopefully justice will be served," Jones said.

It all started in 2011 with a 13 Undercover investigation uncovering allegations that then-mayor Wiggins was abusing his power and scheming to buy up valuable Kemah property after the hurricane. On Friday, a statement appeared on the city of Kemah's website from Bob Cummins, the current mayor, saying that on Wednesday, FBI and IRS agents descended on City Hall searching for records. The Mayor's statement said:

"I cannot discuss the specific documents reviewed in this ongoing investigation but the real estate transactions at issue occurred while Matt Wiggins was mayor. I have instructed all current City Hall employees to fully cooperate with the federal grand jury. As for the former mayor, he is out of town, but told me by phone that this is all political payback and he's done nothing wrong - and there is no federal investigation."

"Channel 13 said I was under investigation in February of 2011, here it is September of 2013, and I've not talked to an FBI agent. I've not gotten a letter from the US Attorney saying I was a target. And I have not talked to any investigator about anything that's gone on in Kemah in the last two and a half years," Wiggins said.

We spoke to the FBI on Friday, but they will not confirm or deny any ongoing investigation.

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