Man buys $50K worth of cognac at downtown Houston Specs

RAy Davis bought the two bottles. He says he's going to consume one and save the other for his grandchildren.

September 27, 2013 4:33:06 AM PDT
We have an update to a story we brought you Wednesday night about some rare bottles of cognac.

We told you about the $22,000 bottles for sale at Specs. Well, one ABC13 viewer saw the story and showed up at Specs downtown to purchase 2 of the 4 bottles they had for sale.

"My favorite drink is Louis Tres, Louis the 13th,' said cognac connoisseur Ray Davis. "They came out with Black Pearl 8 or 9 years ago, so I started collecting the line back then. Then they came out with the rare Cask 43.8, and now with 42.6, I'm able to basically have a complete set."

The total bill with tax was just over $50,000 for the two bottles.

Davis says he plans on consuming one of the bottles and saving the other for his grandkids.