Texas Children's Pavilion for Women walk-in clinic helping moms with breastfeeding questions


Sarah had tried and given up on infertility treatments. And then after waiting 17 years for a baby, little Isaac was born.

"Abraham and Sarah, my name is also Sarah, had waited for many years for their son -- in the Bible, it was 25 years. For us, it was 17," Sarah said.

And the word Isaac means laughter.

"We really see the joy this child brings," Gideon said.

But even a much-longed for baby can worry new parents, especially when they aren't sure he's getting enough milk.

"Any mother who has trouble breastfeeding, the question is always there: are they getting enough?" Sarah said.

So they took little Isaac to the Baby Bistro. It's a special walk-in clinic at Texas Children's Pavilion for Women that helps new mothers with breastfeeding. They do a baby weigh-in. First they weigh the baby, then he's nursed, and then he's weighed again afterward.

"And that tells her if the baby gained an ounce, the baby took an ounce," says Dr. Nancy Hurst with Texas Children's Pavilion for Women.

And seeing the weight gain is reassuring for Sarah and new mothers like her.

"Looking back at it, wow this is truly a miracle," Gideon said.

Besides one-on-one counseling, any new mother can call their hotline for help with problems breastfeeding, and the call is free. Consultations are $75.

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