Find great deals on items confiscated by police

HOUSTON is a place where all items seized from police crimes across the country end up.

"It comes from all types of circumstances. Some of it is somewhat mundane. Someone gets naughty and steals someone's credit card. Technically the credit card company owns those, but they forfeit those and say put it up for public auction," said Property Room's PJ Bellomo.

Other items, from say a break-in, are sent here only after cops have tried to return them to thier rightful owners.

The items like laptops, purses and jewelry are then displayed online at for anyone to buy. The opening bid starts at $1. The average auction goes for three days.

"When we get a watch that says it's a Rolex, we send it off to a third party watch maker and they identify all the counterfeits. We destroy those and put the rest up for auction," Bellomo said.

Over the last 14 years, they've collected about $46 million. That money goes back to the local communities where the item came from and added to the general fund.

You can also find bigger items like furniture and even cars at

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