Facebook post reunites camera lost in Galveston with Chicago owner


In the spring, Yasmeen Rashidi and her family were visiting a theme park in Galveston when they lost their camera. It was recovered by Galveston County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Salinas, who figured out from the pictures that they were from Chicago.

After calling around to Chicago businesses to track them down, he posted some photos on www.facebook.com/abc7chicago that caught the attention of Rashidi's friends. They called got a hold of Rashidi, and she was able to get the camera back from Salinas on Wednesday. She just happened to be in Houston again.

"It's my wedding," Rashidi said of the photos on the camera. "Really disappointed about it. Cried a lot."

"I saw photos of baby pictures," Salinas said.

Rashidi thanked Salinas by giving him two coffee cakes.

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