Experts: Prices for 4K TVs starting to drop


4K TV or Ultra HD TV sets has only been on the market a few months and already the prices are dropping. The price of this 65-inch television is $5,500.

"The 55 inch you are probably looking at about $700 more than the high-end 2K TV; so for $700 more, you get the 4K. It is not like there is an astronomical jump in price," Modia Regional Manager Mike Barron said.

Barron says 4K has greater detail than the best HDTV sets on the market, and for serious movie fans, it gives a cleaner image than the theater.

"It's double the lines of resolution, so for every line in your TV right now, I have two on this TV. So if I take a picture and double the lines of resolution, I can obviously make the detail a lot better," Barron said.

But the big driver of sales may be sports.

"So the ball is moving and you don't really notice the spin on it. But on the 4K, you can actually see the spinning of the ball and you can determine when that ball drops, which way it is going to bounce," Barron said.

Right now, there is not a lot of content is shot with 4K cameras, but that is changing. In fact, the next World Cup will be shot in 4K.

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