Gun rights advocates stand armed outside SW Houston bagel shop to educate public on firearms


The people outside the Einsten Bros. Bagels on Montrose were with Open Carry Texas -- a group dedicated to the safe and legal carry of firearms openly in the State of Texas.

They say they want to remove the stigma on the appearance of guns in the community and educate people about firearms.

Members of the group claim some people are afraid of weapons because of misinformation from the media and the government.

"They don't classify firearms properly," Ricky McGrath with Open Carry Texas said. "Someone sees an AR-15 and thinks that it's a fully-automatic rifle; when in reality, it's no different than the standard hunting rifle that your father or your grandfather hunts with, or even your husband or your children are using."

Police responded to a call about the men, but say they weren't breaking any laws because it is legal to open carry long guns in Texas.

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