Surprising home remedy cures found in your kitchen can save you money


Honestly, some of this stuff is wacky! But Joey Green says his low cost cures are quick, easy and safe.

The corner drug store is filled with everything you need to fix whatever ails you – from back pain to chapped lips. There is no shortage of medicine. But Jill Barris isn't a fan of traditional medications.

"I avoid them," she said. "I am horrified by the drugs people take in this country."

Jill believes all-natural products can help heal common health ailments and Joey Green, the guru of alternative uses for brand-name products, says she is right.

He said, "You can save a lot of time and a lot of money with brand-name products that you already have at your house."

His new book is called "Magic Health Remedies."

"I call it affordable healthcare in a book," he said.

Everyone knows smoking leads to a slew of health problems, but Green says you can kick the habit.

"Smoking itself depletes the body of vitamin C and potassium, and that's what causes the cravings," Green asserted.

Green says take a glass of orange juice, add one half teaspoon of McCormick cream of tartar, then drink it every night before you go to bed for 30 days.

"It replaces the vitamin C in your body, it replaces the potassium in your body and it reduces the nicotine cravings so it's much easier to quit smoking," he said.

What if you get burned cooking or grilling? Professional cooks know what to do. They reach for French's mustard.

Green advised, "Just pour it on the burn immediately. It stops the burning pain and prevents blistering. It's the vinegar and the mustard that does the trick."

You can also use mustard to decongest a chest cold.

"It will work exactly like Vicks vapor rub," Green promised.

What if you want to minimize wrinkles? Create a paste with flour and Campbell's tomato soup and place it on your face for 15 minutes. The acid from the tomatoes balances the pH level of the skin and tightens pores.

Or you can use Preparation H on your face.

"It's a vasoconstrictor, so it tightens the skin and it temporarily reduces wrinkles," Green explained.

There are benefits as well from Country Time lemonade. The citric acid helps exfoliate dead skin.

Got a migraine? A serving of pineapple may work. That's because there is an enzyme found only in pineapple that seems to relieve the pain.

Green says you can use shortening to cure a diaper rash, yogurt to treat bad breath and beer for oily hair.

Green says he has backed up his research based on evidence and studies for every single one of his quick and easy cures. He mentions the brand names that people are familiar with, but it's not necessary to stick to those brands.

If you have a serious health issue, contact your doctor.

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