Analyst: Houston has direct stake on how Syria crises plays out


One of those reasons is oil and gas. Syria is a small oil producer it's situated in the region of the world where most of the global fuel is produced.

While the crises is not new, it has taken a new turn, with allegations of the government using sarin gas against its own people, which of course is a war crime.

Our political analyst says the effect of how Syria's conflict plays out in adjacent countries like Saudi Arabia have and will continue to effect us when it comes to oil and gas prices here locally.

"Short term it's driven up the price of oil and price of gasoline is ticking up. So we have an immediate impact on our community that is somewhat greater than other parts of the u.s," said KTRK political analyist Dr. Richard Murray.

Local groups have held several demonstrations in support of Syria's rebel groups fighting off the government of President Bashar Al Assad. They're discussing holding future events between now and next Monday when Congress goes back into session.

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